Danes, Vikings and All That Jazz

In July I joined KPLU's Travel Club for a tour of Denmark and Norway, plus the Jazz Festivals happening at the same time (what a coincidence!). It's a part of the world I have wanted to see for quite some time, so this was an excellent opportunity to see it, and also to hear some jazz.

Although we were there during summer, the tour should have been sub-titled the Rain Magnet Tour as we managed to have rain most every day. And even though I had rain insurance (by actually remembering to pack my umbrella!), it failed to work, and several days required its use at various times. As well as the "Should I take my umbrella with me today?" question.

Northern Europe's summer has been cool and wet this year, and the locals were not happy about it. We, at least, had the advantage of returning to summer at the end of 11 days. Coming back I had a Danish lady, who lives in Germany, sitting next to me. She, too, was complaining about the rain and cool summer, which is quite a contrast to summer 2003, with record heat.

Chronological Diary


Post Script

A few weeks after returning, we heard the sad news that Tom Freeman had passed away. While several of us were new members of the KPLU Travel Club, Tom was one of the really experienced members - having been on all the trips.