Around Copenhagen

Saturday featured a big concert in the evening, but the rest of the day was free. And little jazz occured before noon, so another walk was scheduled. There was an interesting concert in the afternoon, although outdoors. I tentatively planned to attend, weather permitting etc.

Non-Lutheran Churches

Just a few blocks away from our hotel was both the Catholic Cathedral and a Russian Orhtodox Church. After the reformation in 1536, Denmark allowed only Lutheran services. Other religions were banned, except in the fortress city of Fredericia, Jutland. However foreign embassies were "allowed" to celebrate Mass in Copenhagen. The Spanish envoy from 1648 - 1659 re-established a Catholic community. After the ambassador left, the community drifted around until the signing of a treaty allowed the Austrian ambassador to become the community's protector. In 1849, the Danish Constitution was amended to allow freedom of religion.

The current cathedral location was paid for by the Austrian Empress Maria Theresia who personally paid for the chapel, which has since expanded into this cathedral.

KPLU Viking Jazz: St. Ansgar's Catholic Cathedral, Copenhagen

The outside of St. Ansgar's Catholic Cathedral.

KPLU Viking Jazz: St. Ansgar's Catholic Cathedral, Copenhagen

Inside the Cathedral.

KPLU Viking Jazz: Russian Orthodox church, just down the street from the Catholic cathedral

The Russian Orthodox Church, just up the street from the Catholic Cathedral. Unfortunatley it was not open for visitors on the several times I passed, so I have no additional information on this building, and none of the guide books I have mention anything more than its location.

Along The Street

KPLU Viking Jazz: Many buildings have courtyards,  and this is a glimpse into one

Many of the buildings along the streets have an entrance like this one, which leads to an inner courtyard. I didn't venture into any of these courtyards, but it was clear that they varied enormously. Some, like this one, appeared to be commercial, whereas others were more likely residential in nature.

My planned tour, although somewhat random, was to walk down to the Kastellet, one of the original fortifications for Copenhagen. We drove around it in the bus to reach the Little Mermaid, as the bus was far too big to go in, and indeed there is only one road in and out anyway.

KPLU Viking Jazz: Feeding the ducks in Churchillparken

Duck feeding time at Churchillparken, which is on one side of the Kastellet. Indeed, the bridge on the right is the only road access into the Jastellet, as it is surrounded by a moat - still!

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