Sign Confusion

Being in a country which uses a different language allows all sorts of opportunities for "cross-language" fun. This page has some images of signs from Denmark and Norway which fit this description.


KPLU Viking Jazz: Cross language insults!

One of the smaller tourist coaches used by our tour company! Taken outside Rosenborg Slot (Rosenborg Castle). And it's the second word of interest.

KPLU Viking Jazz: Linux world domination!  Long Live The Penguin

The attack of the penguins? Or is Linux really taking over the world? On a street in Copenhagen.

KPLU Viking Jazz: Clever ad for DHL at Copenhagen airport

A clever advertisement for DHL in Copenhagen's airport terminal.

Molde, Norway

KPLU Viking Jazz:

A street in town. Not sure I'd like to live near a sign like this! Especially if one speaks English with ze French accent.

KPLU Viking Jazz: Amusing newspaper in hotel lobby; especially

The newspaper rack in our hotel. This is, perhaps, somewhat Seattle specific - "I-90" is one of our major freeways, and, of course, it's congested. So perhaps Thor can do something about it!

KPLU Viking Jazz: Crossing signs are a little dated (man wearing a hat!)

It's clear what the sign means, but men don't really wear hats much these days. And not like the one shown here.

KPLU Viking Jazz: More cross-language fun on the sign below the lighthouse marking the yacht harbour

Not even boaters are immune! We asked about the sign and it is a warning for boaters to slow down as this is a boat mooring area, and thus traffic to watch out for.

KPLU Viking Jazz: More cross language confusion: divide price by 50% -> doubling it!

Being pedantic, to me I saw several instances of this notation.

Bergen, Norway

KPLU Viking Jazz: Bottle of Ringnes, the local brew, from hotel fridge

Do not adjust your PC - or your eyes! Not exactly a sign, but a bottle of Ringnes beer (empty - I really needed it!) in my hotel room. Not exactly your regular shaped bottle. (And it's not a mistake)

KPLU Viking Jazz: Must be a good sale in this Bergen store

Must be quite a sale, I suppose.

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