Monday to Molde

Monday, July 12th, was another overcast day. What a surprise! Today's main objective was to leave our hotel in Copenhagen and fly to Molde, in Norway, to checkin and unpack in another hotel.

Leaving The Admiral

After breakfast it was time to pack in preparation for a noon departure from the hotel, resulting in a liesurely morning (for me, anyway), as the following couple of photos prove.

KPLU Viking Jazz: 1831 city map of Copenhagen, showing our hotel building (in red circle).  This was hanging on the wall of my room

This print was hanging on the wall of my room in the Admiral Hotel. It's an 1831 "map" of Copenhagen, with the location of our hotel (then a grannery) in the red circle.

KPLU Viking Jazz: View from my window - illegally parked car being towed

Looking out my window I observed some "police action" - namely, towing an illegally parked car. The owner of this Renault is in for a bit of a surprise! And the person crossing the road was not the owner - I kept looking to see if there was to be a "discussion", but there wasn't!

By noon we were ready to board the bus and head off to the airport. The driver took us back the way we came in, which was partly along the shore. And we had a more suitably sized bus this time too - not the double decker which carried us into Copenhagen.

KPLU Viking Jazz: New bridge and tunnel across ├śresund from Copenhagen to Malmo, Sweden, seen on way to airport for departure to Molde, Norway

The bridge to Sweden. As this was often pointed out to us, it seems to have a significant connection with Danes. Of course, it is quite a bridge, and as I discovered later, is the only "land" connection from Copenhagen to the rest of the world.

We arrived safely at the airport, then checked in for the flight to Molde, which was via Bergen, Norway. We had a jet aircraft to Bergen, where we "sort of" went through Customs to gain the benefit of collecting our luggage and handing it in to another airline - an affiliate of SAS. Then onto a smaller prop-jet (Fokker F50) to Molde, located on the northwest coast of Norway.

In Molde

After landing in Molde, it was time to collect our luggage and check in. "Oh dear" (or words to that effect) was my reaction when I realised (inside the terminal, where it was too late to go back) that I had dropped my PDA on the plane. And the plane was scheduled to continue on its way. So the plan was to collect my baggage and head off to the ticket counter and ask if somebody could retrieve it from the plane.

Of course, my case was the last one to come out, so it was rush to the counter, take a number and wait to be served. My turn came, and a kindly person from the airline went out to the plane and retrieved my Palm Zire. Phew! It would have been inconvenient to have lost it, but not a disaster.

Then a rush outside to find the members of our party had been herded onto the bus to town and our hotel. This bus trip was without commentary as we travelled the 5km from the airport to our hotel, via the main bus station.

There is a map of Norway and the Molde area too.

KPLU Viking Jazz: View from my room in the Rainbow Moldefjord Hotel in Molde, Norway.

The view from my hotel room in Molde, at the Rainbow Hotel Moldefjord, although it has now changed its name.

KPLU Viking Jazz: View from my room in the Rainbow Moldefjord Hotel in Molde, Norway.

The same view, but also showing part of the room. It was a quite small room, but perfectly suitable for the purpose.

After a quick shower, it was time to head off to the Jazz Festival headquarters to receive our passes to the festival. These allowed free access to some events when they had empty seats just before the performance.

KPLU Viking Jazz:

Then we had a dinner reservation at the Amelia Restaurant which was in the next block. But uphill! Well, at least we didn't have to carry our dinner up the hill after eating it! Clockwise, from lower left: Tom, Signe, Maria, Jim, Barbara, Bev, Annette, Karyn and Joey. And the meal was terrific. Although there was a certain confusion between what we understood and what the restaurant did. We expected a fixed menu, but instead we had the choice of their full menu.

After dinner, I felt like a walk around town, to see some of the nearby sights.

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