Back To Seattle

Today's travel involved a noon flight from Bergen to Copenhagen, then a 3:50PM flight from there to Seattle. At least all these segments would be daylight flights, so we have the chance to see what we missed on the way over.

Bergen to Copenhagen

Our bus was on schedule at the hotel, and we headed off. The driver was kind enough to take us along a different route to that which he used when we arrived. There were two benefits to this. The obvious one is that we saw different parts of Bergen and the nearby countryside.

KPLU Viking Jazz: The new Queen Mary, in Bergen for the morning, as seen from bus to airport

The other benefit was seeing the new (and newly launched) Queen Mary which was in town, for just a few hours. But alas, she was not visible from our hotel, so we had no chance to see her. But the driver took care of that.

KPLU Viking Jazz: The new Queen Mary, in Bergen for the morning, as seen from bus to airport

Both this and the above photo were taken as the bus drove along the freeway, so the quality's not all that great.

We boarded our flight and headed off to Copenhagen, a little late, but not any cause for concern. Barbara was also good enough to give us a parting gift.

KPLU Viking Jazz: Copenhagen's windmill farm in the harbour

I was fortunate enough to be on the good side of the plane. Good, that is, in having a view of where we stayed and explored so much in Copenhagen. I have also created a map image with the landmarks indicated.

Then it was a case of hanging around Copenhagen Airport for 2.5 hours to wait for our flight to Seattle. Curiously, the flight flew over Bergen, so after a couple of hours of flying today, we were back where we started!

Not that we could see much of anything. Firstly we were sitting in the middle seats of the Airbus (it's a 2-4-2 seating arrangement), so the view out the window was very limited. Secondly, and perhaps even more importantly, there was fairly consistent cloud cover!


But nearing Greenland, the cloud disappeared. Beauty!

KPLU Viking Jazz: Greenland, with fresh icebergs

Nearing the coast of Greenland, we could see icebergs! Real, honest to goodness icebergs! And remember, these are from over 30,000 feet (10,000m), so they must be quite large to be so easily visible.

KPLU Viking Jazz: A glacier in Greenland

And that's a glacier down there, flowing left to right.

KPLU Viking Jazz: TV display at my seat of Greenland, as shown from plane's TV camera pointing down

The Airbus has a camera that points down, and its image is available on the TV screen in the back of the seats. This is the view as we crossed Greenland.

KPLU Viking Jazz: Greenland and several of its many glaciers

More glaciers, and a dirty window on the plane. That was not the only complaint with this particular plane - we froze the whole 9+ hours of the return flight - jackets on and blankets were the order of the day.

KPLU Viking Jazz: Greenland and several of its many glaciers

The head of these glaciers.

KPLU Viking Jazz: Seat back, with TV display showing view underneath the plane

The passenger's eye view of the seats. The back of the seat has some interesting additional ideas, including more storage spaces, and a fold down drink/glass/can holder, separate from the tray. But the seat was not very comfortable.

And then the clouds returned, and we didn't see much more of Greenland or Canada. The clouds thinned as we approached Seattle, and it was nice to see familiar territory again. Although there were rain drops appearing on the nose camera in the plane, so we hadn't entirely left the rain behind!

After clearing Customs and Immigration, it was time to head on home, and do all those chores which mount up during an extended absence. Like washing... But it was dry, and warm - nice for a change!

But it was a terrific trip, with excellent company, and for me, new countries and places. I'd go again - maybe not tomorrow, but soon, that's for sure.

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