Walking Tour Around Molde

Tuesday was yet another overcast day. And since we were going on a walking tour around Molde, this did not seem to be a good thing. As it turned out, we were only once bothered with rain, and even that was reasonably light.

First we met our tour guide Jake, who as it turned out, had recently completed his degree in the USA, so he understood our (use of) language, but also being a local, knew the area and spoke their language - although English was pretty well understood too.

Much of Molde was destroyed by German bombing during World War II, especially the area around the port. At that time, the then King of Norway had moved to Molde to escape the Germans, and he and the country's gold resources were rescued by the British Royal Navy. Consequently, most buildings in Molde are of recent (i.e. post World War II) construction.

KPLU Viking Jazz: Lutheran Domkirke (Cathedral) in Molde - also used as concert venue

The Lutheran Church, which is also the seat of a bishop. This building dates from the 1950s. The spire is undergoing renovation, and is thus wrapped in plastic sheeting. This church is also the setting for some of the concerts during the Jazz Festival.

After a quick peek inside the church, we started walking towards the Romsdalsmuseet (Romsdal Museum), an open air museum with buildings dating back as far as the 15th century.

KPLU Viking Jazz: One of the few buildings not destroyed by German bombing in World War II

One of the few buildings not destroyed as a consequence of the German assault.

KPLU Viking Jazz: Street scene in

Newer homes in Molde. Newer, in this sense, means post World War II. Check out the Sign Confusion page for a closer look at the signs on this street.

KPLU Viking Jazz: Looking down towards Domkirke and the water; L-R: Signe, Maria, Karen, Barbara, Joey and Jake (our excellent guide)

The museum is located on the hill above Molde, and so as we walked in that direction, more of the fjord came into view. This scene shows Signe, Maria, Karen, Barbara and Jake, with the spire from the Lutheran Church visible too.

KPLU Viking Jazz: One of the dancers arriving at the Romsdalmuseet (Romsdal Museum)

Approaching the museum entrance, we spy one of the "extras" arriving, all dressed up. What she is about to do will be visible soon.

So we entered the Museum for a tour.

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