More Walking Around Molde

After breakfast it was time to finish packing and check out of the Rainbow Hotel. The flight to Bergen was scheduled for late afternoon, so we had most of the day available, but there was a farewell lunch scheduled, although there was a certain amount of confusion about exactly where!

Joey told me of the great view from the Sail Hotel's top floor, so we walked off in that direction to check it out.

KPLU Viking Jazz: Playful sculptures at the yacht harbour, beside the stadium

Those dolphins again at the yatch harbour, adjacent to the football stadium, visible in the background here.

KPLU Viking Jazz: Looking west towards the North Sea as the coastal ferry sails to next port

Looking out to the sea. Another day of beautiful weather, eh?

Inside Sail Hotel

There's a lounge on the first floor of the hotel with historical information about Molde's experiences in World War II.

KPLU Viking Jazz: Molde in flames as German bombers attack during World War II - Rica Seilet (Sail) Hotel, Molde

A painting depicting probably the worst time of World War II for Molde and its residents.

KPLU Viking Jazz: The top floor bar in the Rica Seilet (Sail) Hotel, looking over the fjord

We went to the 15th floor to take some photos, but the doors to the balcony were, not surprisingly, locked. The bar was not open either. But I can imagine it would be a delightful place to imbibe and watch the world go by.

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