Another Walking Tour Around Molde

We were NOT surprised to find that Wednesday, July 14th was also overcast. After all, that's mostly what we'd experienced since arriving in Scandinavia, and even the locals were complaining about the lack of sunshine, just as we do in Seattle!

For this morning, Jake (tour guide) had arranged to have the Romsdal Museum Director give us a tour of both the museum and a few key parts of Molde. We were able to enter the Lutheran Cathedral, so the tour started there.

KPLU Viking Jazz: Beautiful organ in Domkirke, Molde

Looking towards the back of the cathedral and its beautiful organ. The Cathedral is built in the Gothic style, although only consecrated in 1957. The two previous cathedrals burned down, the second one during the German bombing in World War II. However, two pieces from the earlier cathedrals were recovered, an old wooden cross and Axel Ender's "Easter Morning" altarpiece. I did not photograph these as there was no clear view due to the stage equipment set up for the evening concerts.

KPLU Viking Jazz: Beautiful organ in Domkirke, Molde, and the standard ship

Closer view of the organ, and also a hanging ship.

After the Cathedral, we walked via Reknesparken (Reknes Park) towards the Museum. While the best panorama of the Molde region is from the top of the mountain, we did not have time to walk there.

KPLU Viking Jazz: Overlooking the fjord from Molde

Looking down one of the streets across the fjord.

KPLU Viking Jazz: Construction crane amidst city housing as seen from Reknes Park, Molde

A weekend construction project? Perhaps not.

Reknes Park

This view from this park, according to the tourist brochure, is immortalised in Henrik Ibsen's play "The Lady from the Sea".

KPLU Viking Jazz: View of fjord from Reknes Park, Molde

Part of the way to the top of the park, this view shows the lower reaches of the park, and part of the fjords.

KPLU Viking Jazz: Museum Director talking to us: L-R: Signe, Maria, Annette, Barbara, Joey, Karen, Director, Jim

Our group listening intently to the Museum Director's history lesson. He knew his stuff, and had an interesting and enthusiastic way of telling it.

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The panorama from the top of Reknes Park, showing some of the many peaks visible from above Molde. Behind the view is the Romsdal Museum.

KPLU Viking Jazz: Looking into Romsdalmuseet from Reknes Park, Molde

Looking from our viewpoint into the Romsdal Museum.

KPLU Viking Jazz: Rica Seilet (Sail) Hotel, as seen from Reknes Park, Molde with ferry passing by

The "Sail" Hotel, with one of the cross-fjord ferries passing.

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