Copenhagen Tour - Amaliehaven

Our first full day in Copenhagen started in sunshine. That didn't last very long, but it didn't rain either! The morning was scheduled to have a tour of Copenhagen, with the rest of the day at our leisure after lunch at a restaurant on Nyhavn (pronounced more like "neu haven").

Our bus, a full size tourist coach, was awaiting us at the hotel, so we all boarded, and drove to the park, Amaliehaven, next to our hotel! It was time to get out before we had even settled in!

KPLU Viking Jazz: Travel Club at Ameliehaven: Karen (Inge, our guide, behind), Joey, Jim, Maria, Beverly, Barbara, Annette, Tom (Signe behind Tom)

Out of the bus in the parking lot, and walk to the waterside area for a view of what's happening. From left, Karen, Inge (our guide, behind Karen), Joey, Jim, Maria, Beverly, Barbara, Annette, Tom and Signe (just behind Tom).

KPLU Viking Jazz: Private yacht moored Amaliehaven (adjacent to hotel) & Travel Club members

Ah, so that's what we were looking at! It's a private yacht, owned by a Pole who moved to Denmark and made it big time. He no longer lives there (because of the high taxes), but does return regularly to show the flag, so to speak! Our hotel is past the shrubbery on the right. We could have walked here faster than getting on the bus! Of course, the bus took us to many other places later...

KPLU Viking Jazz: Tom admiring private boat at Amelienhaven

Tom taking another look at this ultra-modern vessel. The crew was swabbing the decks (and the sides) as we walked past.

KPLU Viking Jazz: New Copenhagen Opera House, gift from Mærsk, under construction

Just across the harbour is the new opera house, not designed by Jørn Utzon (designer of the Sydney Opera House). This building is a gift to Copenhagen from the A.P. Møller Foundation (Mærsk). You may recognise Mærsk as a name on shipping containers, but they also operate an airline as I discovered when landing in Copenhagen! Obviously, they are a Danish company, and their headquarters are just down the harbour from this new building.

Amaliehaven Gardens

The Opera House is not the only gift which the A.P.Møller Foundation has donated to Copenhagen. Another is the Amaliehaven Gardens, which are located on the waterfront, adjacent to our hotel.

KPLU Viking Jazz: Amaliehaven garden, supplied by Mærsk

Looking through the gardens towards our hotel, which is almost visible at the far end.

KPLU Viking Jazz: Amaliehaven fountain with Marmorkirken (officially Frederikskiren) in background.

The garden also includes this delightful fountain. Behind the fountain is the Amalienborg Palace, and behind that the dome of Marmorkirken (officially Frederikskiren). [Marmor translates as marble.]

KPLU Viking Jazz: Barbara taking a picture of us; Opera House in background

Looking in the opposite direction to the above photo, we see the Opera House. And Barbara taking a photo of the group.

KPLU Viking Jazz: Amaliehaven old store house converted to expensive condominiums

Looking east along the dock. This is at the end of the garden, and you can see the busses parked on the left in an area designated for coaches only. The building is another converted old building, this time for condominiums. Expensive ones at that!

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