Adelaide Road Trip, 2014

This journey was undertaken 50 years after the first road trip to Adelaide with Mum and Dad, back in 1964. Fortunately, Dad bought a camera the year before, so there are some slides from that trip to compare against the 2014 version. One of the aims of this trip was to photograph the same places 50 years later, for comparison purpose. And it was 50 years since the last visit, so time to see it all again.

50 year comparison logo Click on this icon beside a photo to see the comparable photo from 1964 with that from 2014. Mouse over the image to see how they compare.

Day 1 - To Albury
The first day was not much more than a reach the destination day. That being Albury via the Hume Highway.

Day 2 - To Echuca, stopping at

Day4 - Echuca to Mildura

Day 5 - Mildura to Adelaide

Day 6 - Adelaide CBD
A whole day to explore Adelaide CBD. And being Sunday, easy parking, and fewer people to navigate around or interrupt photography.

Day 7 East and South of Adelaide

Day 8 To Mt. Gambier

Day 9 - Exploring Mt. Gambier

Day 10 - Mt. Gambier to Port Campbell
A day to reach the destination, so the wet weather was not too much of an issue.

Day 11 - Port Campbell to Torquay
The scenic attractions are near Port Campbell. Further on, the Great Ocean Road becomes an enjoyable road, but without much to see. Fortunately. First head west to see what was bypassed yesterday due to rain.

Day 12 - Bairnsdale
A day driving to and exploring Bairnsdale in eastern Victoria.

Day 13 - Bairnsdale Catholic Church
Inside St Mary's Catholic Church at Bairnsdale, including the details behind the murals.

Day 14 - Canberra
Canberra in autumn brings the journey to an end.