This page contains links and information about my home town, Sydney.

Sydney Harbour Bridge Sydney Opera House provides information about the area, including things to see and do, predominantly from a tourist perspective, but then most locals don't spend much time visiting their city! The official City of Sydney web site contains information for both visitors and residents of the city's administrative area.

The Australian Bureau of Meteorology web site has weather information for the whole of Australia, but specifically of interest to Sydneysiders are

Current Observations
shows the weather conditions at various locations around the metropolitan area
64 km Radar
static or loop
128 km Radar
static or loop
256 km Radar
static or loop
512 km Radar (composite)
static or loop
Storm Tracker
site (from Essential Energy) displays (delayed) lightning activity and rainfall around the state
High definition satellite image
or the smaller satellite image.
Metropolitan Forecast
for the next few days.
Weather related warnings
for New South Wales.
SOI Value
or Southern Oscillation Index plots the pressure difference between Tahiti and Darwin, and is often an indicator of expected rainfall over the next few months. Positive indicates wetter conditions, negative is usually drier than normal.
The Indian Ocean Dipole (IOD)
is akin to Southern Oscillation Index of the Pacific Ocean, except it has a much larger contribution to drought or floods in Australia, and cuases the other side of Indian Ocean to be affected by floods or drought, respectively.

Transport NSW provides trip planning, timetables, fares etc. for travelling around New South Wales (including Sydney) using public transport.
Travel alerts cover service delays and scheduled maintenance for all New South Wales public transport.

Live Traffic web site (and mobile app) provides traffic details around the state.

Rural Fire Service provides bush fire details, updated regularly.