Motorcycle Video Recording

Two videos, one showing the benefit of using image stabilisation in the editing phase of helmet mounted camera content.

The second one shows the difference between helmet and bike mounted cameras, and also field of view.

Not really needed

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Head wobbles and video stabilising
My head wobbles a lot more than I thought when riding. This is exposed when there's a camera on the helmet. But kdenlive (video editor) offers pretty good image stabilising, as this split screen video shows.
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Different camera mounting positions - motorcycle
A quad screen display comparing helmet versus handle bar mounting of a camera, with 2 helmet positions (side or top) and 2 handler bar mounts with different fields of view.

Note 1: helmet side mounted position is better on the left side, but that's where the bluetooth headset control is located.

Note 2: the 1080p video from the 2013 Contour +2 is poor. The 2016 edition is far superior, and is what I use today.