Vivid Sydney 2016

Sydney's Vivid Festival begins in late May and continues for a couple of weeks. The highlight for most is the light section, wherein buildings, boats and special purpose structures are lit up. The festival brings many people to view and enjoy.

Details of various displays are available from the Vivid website:

Vivid Sydney 2016

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Vivid Sydney, 2016 - Overview
Concentrating mainly on Vivid attractions around Circular Quay, including the Opera House, Museum of Contemporary Art, Botanical Gardens, Customs House, and further afield to Martin Place and Darling Harbour. The Opera House and Museum of Contemporary Art sections are sped up by a factor of 10 - both are available as separate videos. Greater details of the displays here are available at
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Museum of Contemporary Art for Vivid Sydney 2016
The Museum of Contemporary Art's contribution to Vivid Sydney 2016 by illuminating the facade facing Circular Quay.
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Sydney Opera House for Vivid 2016
The Opera House display this year is based on the work of Aboriginal artists adapted for the shape and action required for the display. Details of the artists available at
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Vivid 2016 - Taronga Zoo
Sydney's winter festival Vivid expands to include Taronga Zoo this year, with amazing lighted animals.