Derby to Broome

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We have a morning to discover Derby before heading to Broome, which is 224km away.

The view from my hotel room. The white area to the left behind the trees is the King Sound at low tide.

This boab tree has a reputation that it once held a prisoner. There has never been any written evidence to this happening. It appears that a boab in Wyndham had its reputation transposed to Derby! The tree itself has a 14.7m girth, and the black slot shows a hollow interior.


We leave Derby to head to Broome where we stay for 2 nights.

The Entrance Point beach is one place to see the sunset.

Sunset at Cable Beach

Cable Beach was named after the telegraph cable from Java which arrived in 1899. It is a popular location to drive onto the beach to watch the sunset. Or go for a camel ride.

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