Mounting Zumo 660 with Garmin Hardware

These are just the end result of using Garmin's mounting hardware for the Zumo 660 on a Sprint GT (and ST too, I believe). This location is OK, and I did use it on a 1200km road trip, but I didn't particularly like the off-centre position.

Garmin mount on left clip on Garmin mount on left clip on
Mount viewed from left side Mount viewed from right side

Tank level view of Zumo in left clip on mount

Looking down from right on front of bike, showing Garmin mounted

There are several disadvantages to this position.

  1. The GPS is off centre, requiring a left glanace to see it.
  2. Need to be careful that it does not interfere with the windscreen.
  3. It is somewhat exposed to damage by comparison with centre mounting. Damage from flying debris or a tip over.
  4. It is more exposed to the elements, though that should not cause any troubles.

Advantages are

  1. It's higher, so there's less downward glancing to read the screen.
  2. It's closer to the left hand for changing settings, but then you should not be doing that while riding.

Overall, I prefer centre mouning - it's been where most of my bike's GPS units have been located. So, this temporary arrangement was only until the GadgetGuy stuff arrived.

GadgetGuy's Solution