2019 ANZAC Train Tour to Broken Hill

The 2019 ANZAC train tour is to Broken Hill, in far western New South Wales.
The journey takes 2 days to Broken Hill, stopping overnight in motels in Parkes.
Two days in Broken Hill allowing sightseeing, including Silverton, museums, old mine workings, Pro Hart gallery. And the ANZAC ceremony.
Another two day journey returning to Sydney, again stopping in Parkes, where we had dinner and a presentation at the Radio Telescope.

Note: ANZAC is the acronym from Australian and New Zealand Army Corps, a combination formed in World War I.

To Broken Hill

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ANZAC Train Tour 2019 - part 1
The 2019 ANZAC Train Tour was to Broken Hill, in far western New South Wales. The tour took 2 days to reach Broken Hill, spending the night in motels at Parkes, in Central West of New South Wales. Then 2 days in Broken Hill, and another 2 days for the return home, again spending the night in Parkes.
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2019 ANZAC Train Tour - part 2
Two days in Broken Hill, visiting museums, old mine site, Silverton (ghost town?), sculpture garden, White Rocks story of action during World War I.
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ANZAC Day March, Broken Hill, 2019
The SJR ANZAC 2019 tour was to Broken Hill.

The ceremony begins with the March along 2 blocks of Argent Street to the cenotaph, adjacent to the Courts Building. When the marchers have all arrived, there is a ceremony including speeches and the laying of wreaths.

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ANZAC 2019 Train - part 4, return to Sydney
The Broken Hill segment of the 2019 ANZAC train tour is over, and it's now time to return home.

Two days, stopping at Parkes again, with dinner at the Parkes Radio Telescope.