Humlebæk (Louisiana Museum) And Back To Copenhagen

After the castle it was back on the bus for a drive through of Helsingør before heading south to Humlebæk, which was just a few minutes away. Humlebæk is becoming a suburb of both Helsingør and Copenhagen, especially as there is train service to both locations. And from Helsingør by ferry to Sweden.

The Louisiana Museum is a private museum situated on the water's edge, and specialising in modern art. During our visit there was a special exhibition on Jørn Utzon, the (perhaps not so well known) Danish architect. Probably his best known design is for the Sydney Opera House. I particularly enjoyed this exhibition, and seeing the films showing the construction of the building bought back many memories, especially of Dad taking me down to the viewing platform to see this most amazing building taking shape.

I did not take any photos inside the museum - I didn't ask, but generally this is not allowed anyway. Not that photographs of a museum can do much justice or convey much of a sense of the contents.

KPLU Viking Jazz: Louisiana Museum grounds, as seen from gift shop

Looking out the gift shop to Øresund. On a lovely sunny day, I imagine the grounds are just beautiful, but this was not a day to be outdoors! Also note the artwork which is spread throughout the grounds.

KPLU Viking Jazz: Louisiana Museum grounds

More of the artwork around the grounds - looking out towards the water.

KPLU Viking Jazz: Louisiana Museum grounds

More of the sculptures getting wet.

KPLU Viking Jazz: Louisiana Museum grounds

The home of the founder, disappearing into the mist. My recollection is that the museum is named after the founders wives - three of them all had the name Louise!

There is also a good cafeteria in the museum, but alas it was not on our schedule, so back on the bus to return the 31km (19 miles) to Copenhagen. We followed along the coastal route, which was quite pleasant, even on such a wet day. We passed the Karen Blixen Museum (she was the Out Of Africa lady) along the way.

Copenhagen In The Rain

The bus took us through the Nyboder district, which was built by Christian IV as barracks for the navy.

KPLU Viking Jazz: Housing built for his military by Christian IV

The buildings are in neat rows, with gardens at the back of each row. Here, the gardens are behind the statue, which is NOT of Christian IV.

KPLU Viking Jazz: Housing built for his military by Christian IV

The second storey was added in the 18th century.

KPLU Viking Jazz: Traffic congestion at construction site in Copenhagen

Danish road works! This looks like Kongens Nytorv, one of the major intersections. Careful timing on our part ensured we were in Copenhagen during the week when this area was under renovation!

KPLU Viking Jazz: Entrance to Admiral Hotel, where we stayed in Copenhagen.  My room was above the window on left

And in keeping with the nautical theme, our hotel entrance is guarded by a pair of cannons!

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