Connecting a VDU to a PC

There are a number of reasons for connecting a VDU to a PC. In my case, it was to use as a serial console. This requires creating a cable.

My preferred choice of cable making (these days) is to use standard RJ-45 cables, and the matching RJ-45 to DB-9 or DB-25 connectors. These latter connectors have an RJ-45 socket where the cable normally exits. Attached to this socket are wires with pins on the end. They are available in male and female DB-* connectors.

The colour code below uses the colour of the wires coming from the RJ-45 connector. I don't know if there is a standard for these colours, but the several types I have all use the same colours, and appear to be consistent in their use.

9 Pin PC to 25 Pin VDU

This cable is known to work with the Falco 5000 series terminals.