Zumo 660 Mounting on Sprint GT

Buying a Triumph Sprint GT the day they became available triggers additional activities. Foremost among these is installing a GPS system! The specific GPS is a Garmin Zumo 660, one designed specifically for motorcycle use, though clearly can be used in a car, and probably even on a bicycle, as it has a battery which provides several hours of operation.

The Zumo comes with a mounting arrangement, but it basically works best with a bike using handle bars. The Sprint employs clip ons. However, it is possible to mount the Zumo using Garmin's mounting hardware.

Searching the net turned up a Triumph mount, but when I ordered one, Triumph told the dealer that they did not guarantee that it would work.

Continuing the search lead to Gadget Guy who has a neat arrangement for mounting the GPS in the center of the handlebar.

Garmin Mount

Despite the clip ons, the Garmin mount does work, though with some disadvantages. I mounted it that way and went for a 1200km ride without any issues. View the details of this Garmin mount arrangement. There are no photos of the actual work in progress, as I didn't think of photographing it. However, apart from the attachment to the handle bar, the installation is much the same as with the centre mount.

Gadget Guy Mount

This operation was somewhat easier as the cables were all connected and run around the instrument panel. The photos are mostly to do with the physical mounting of the hardware, and are shown here.